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Bomtech (Do-All) Permanent Makeup & Microneedling Needle Cartridges

Delivery to UK and Europe

Do-All Digital Hand Needle

Micropigmentation needles & Derma pen microneedle

    Beautiful Ink Ltd is the UK and European supplier for Bomtech (Do-All) permanent makeup and micro needling needles. I import all supplies and equipment directly from the manufacturer in South Korea, ensuring that I only sell genuine products at the best prices

    Once you’ve invested in a good quality Bomtech micropigmentation or skin needling machine, you will want to use the very best, approved needle cartridges

    Bomtech needles are routinely rebranded and sold on around the world. That’s why I keep all the original branding on the supplies I sell to my customers, so that you can be confident you’ll be using the genuine article



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